National Level

Various National Funding Opportunities Available under JNNURM and Other Schemes

The municipalities can utilize their own funds to take actions on climate change, by integrating low cost policy interventions in their own routine operations. However, in certain cases, ULBs may require financial assistance to take up specific action on climate change if it entails significant amount of investment. Such financial assistance can be obtained from the Central level funds and schemes. The central government scheme envisages integrated development of urban infrastructure and urban services, through asset creation and better maintenance of assets in a financially sustainable manner. The various National funding opportunities available under JNNURM and other schemes are listed below.


Name Geographical Area Sector Description/Status
Urban Infrastructure and Governance  (UIG) and Basic Services to the Urban Poor (BSUP) 64 Indian cities – cities including state capitals, and those with more than 1 million population All sectors – water supply, drainage, sanitation, transport, roads, street lighting, conservation of heritage bodies, housing and integrated slum development, basic services to poor The Ministry of Urban Development and Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation has sanctioned 32 water supply projects with a total approved cost of Rs 1829.59 crores representing 41.3 percent of the total cost. Sewerage and storm water drainage projects constitutes next chunk of approved projects. A total of 18 sewerage projects with an approved cost of Rs 1281.83 crores have been sanctioned which represents 28.9 percent of aggregate value.

Duration: 7 years 2005-2012
Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme for Small and Medium Towns (UIDSSMT) All cities and towns as per 2001 Census, except those covered under JNNURM All sectors – water supply, drainage, sanitation, roads, street lighting, conservation of heritage bodies, housing and integrated slum development, basic services to poor, preservation of water bodies About 65 percent of the projects approved under the scheme are related to water supply. The approximate cost of the projects sanctioned is Rs 10 lacs. 19 percent of the project sanctioned constitutes sewerage and drainage worth Rs6.14 lacs. While only 2 percent of the projects constitutes for Solid Waste Management.

Duration: 7 years, 2005-06 to 2012-13
Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme for Satellite Towns (UIDSST) Satellite towns for million plus cities under JNNURM; planning for 3-5 lakhs for million plus cities, and 5-10 lakhs for 4 million plus cities Water supply, sewerage, solid waste management, institutional reforms of e-governance, accrual based accounting, etc It calls for improved urban planning, improved urban environment, improved basic services and infrastructure, and urban services to the poor. The budget allocated under the scheme is Rs 500 Crores

Duration: Co-terminus with 11th five year plan (2007-2012)
Scheme for Urban Transport Planning JNNURM cities primarily. Urban Transport Promotion of comprehensive traffic and transportation studies, integrated land use and transport planning and research Preparation of complete mobility plan, detailed project reports and Launching awareness campaigns. Clean Development Mechanism measures. Pilot studies as envisaged in NUTP, 2006

Duration: since 2008-09 for 4 years
Solar Cities Master Plan scheme Any city , Funded by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency projects in Cities MNRE has sanctioned the Solar Cities program under their 11th Five Year Plan with an objective to help Urban Local Bodies guide their cities towards becoming “Solar Cities”. About 60 cities and towns across India have been selected for the program. MNRE provides uptoRs50 lakhs to each city for implementing the master plans through PPP mode. Additional funding can be routed through its various programs such as the solar mission.