About the Project Urban Low Carbon Finance

Integrating Urban Climate Guidelines through Clean Technologies (RE & EE) at the State and City level to build Sustainable Low Carbon Cities

ICLEI South Asia with support from the British High Commission (BHC) has initiated the project titled “Integrating Urban Climate Guidelines through Clean Technologies (RE & EE) at the State and City Level to build sustainable low carbon cities" in 2 Indian states. The project aims at developing State level guidelines for Tamilnadu and Rajasthan States on urban low carbon actions and to leverage national/international finance for urban low carbon actions. The project would serve as a basis to build sustainable low carbon cities through integration of clean technologies. read more

Finance Urban Low Carbon Finance

This Online Knowledge Portal is one of the key outputs of the project that includes information on financing opportunities for Low Carbon Urban Actions for cities. The portal will include rationale for states and cities to invest in low carbon projects and to provide information to cities on various funding schemes and low carbon measures and technologies that can be adopted by state & city governments. Further the portal aims at providing comprehensive guidance on financial options available for low carbon actions at city level. This will provide information on where to access the wide range of funds available from multilateral and bilateral institution, as well as public and private sources, how these funds are governed and project eligibility etc. read more

Project Cities Urban Low Carbon Fund for cities

Cities or urban areas are major sources of GHG which result in climate change. Cities represent half of the world’s population and consume 80% of the total energy. GHGs are released through consumption of electricity in residences, commercial setup, industries, street lighting or other read more

Urban Low Carbon Actions State’s guidelines on Urban Low Carbon Actions