About Project

ICLEI South Asia with support from the British High Commission (BHC) has concluded the project titled “Integrating Urban Climate Guidelines through Clean Technologies (RE & EE) at the State and City Level to build sustainable low carbon cities" in Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan States. The project aimed at developing State level guidelines for the states of Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan on urban low carbon actions, and to leverage national/international finance for their roll-out. The project has served as a basis for building sustainable low carbon cities through integration of clean technologies.

The project has contributed towards building the capacity of Tamil Nadu & Rajasthan state and city governments to successfully integrate the developed guidelines on low carbon actions into major urban processes and systems. Activities were initiated and monitored in seven cities namely Trichy, Tirunelveli, Coimbatore from Tamil Nadu, Jaipur, Udaipur, Kota & Jodhpur from Rajasthan; based upon this experience, the project has developed a well-informed, comprehensive series of guidelines for these state governments.

Project Activities

  • Knowledge portal incorporating reliable information on various sources of funding available for city-level low carbon actions
  • City-level monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) framework for local governments
  • India-specific Local Government GHG Protocol, a tool to measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions
  • State-level guidelines on urban low carbon actions
  • Report on Financing Opportunities for Low Carbon Urban Growth for Indian Cities
  • Capacity building of city officials on proposal writing to avail funds from different available funding sources, India GHG protocol and MRV framework.


  • Report on Urban Low Carbon Growth-Financing Opportunities for Indian Cities - A consolidated report on financing opportunities for urban low carbon actions has been compiled, based on the review of existing national and international schemes, interviews with the sector experts and meetings with concerned stakeholders. This Report is meant for Urban Local Bodies, Policy Makers and the Indian Corporate and aims to provide detail of the mechanisms available to harness investment domestically and from abroad in the low carbon area. The detailed report is available online at http://urbanlowcarbonfinance.iclei.org/resources.html
  • Online knowledge portal for cities - The portal provides information on financing opportunities for Low Carbon Urban Actions for cities, as well as information on where to access the wide range of funds available from multilateral and bilateral institutions, and public and private sources, and on how to apply for them (criteria, project eligibility etc).
  • Energy consumption profile, GHG Emissions Inventorization and city specific Sectoral Low Carbon Action Plans - A report on energy consumption and GHG emissions inventorization for each project city for the year 2010-11 has been prepared along with city-specific sectoral low carbon actions plans.
  • India GHG protocol for local governments – To respond to a long-existing need T of a robust Indian specific GHG protocol based on the local context, ICLEI South Asia has developed an India specific Community Scale GHG protocol in consultation with other ICLEI international offices and local stakeholders. This protocol provides the standardized step-by-step approach to cities on how to quantify their GHG emissions in order to manage and reduce their GHG impacts.
  • Submission of three project proposals by the project cities – In consensus with city officials and various stakeholders, ICLEI South Asia has identified three pilot projects on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency themes in each project city. The City Corporations are currently filling out the application forms to then be submitted for funding.
  • MRV Framework for annually reporting emissions reductions – being the existence of a proper MRV system to identify and report on emissions reductions often one of the requisites of funding agencies, . a framework for annually monitoring, reporting and verification of cities mitigation actions has also been developed in the framework of the project.
  • State Level Urban Low Carbon Guidelines for each of the two states – To better support the implementation of low carbon actions in the states of Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu, state level policy notes for promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency have been developed.
  • Information dissemination and learning for other cities from project cities – Successful stories in the form of case studies have been disseminated through the online knowledge portal.

All reports are available online at http://urbanlowcarbonfinance.iclei.org/resources.html.

About the partners

British High Commission
The British High Commission  in  India supports projects  combating  climate  change  across  the country  through  various  funding  streams including  the  Prosperity  Fund  to  promote  Low  Carbon  High  Growth  initiatives.  The  Fund  will focus  on  promoting  sustainable  global  growth, consistent with the UK’s development objectives of  promoting  sustainable  development  and improving welfare.

ICLEI South Asia
ICLEI  -  Local Governments  for  Sustainability  - South Asia  is  a  non-profit making  organization operating  from  New  Delhi,  India.  It began its activities in April 2005 and is presently supporting over 40 South Asian cities.  ICLEI  South  Asia supports environmental and other sustainability initiatives  at  the  local  level  by  working  with city governments as well as with state, national and  international governmental bodies  to build appropriate  local  environment  initiatives  and policies.